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Hustle Pump

Hustle Pump

MSRP:USD 28.00-  

The world first floor pump created only for children!

Thanks to its short height and low pressure design, kids can pump up the tires of their own bikes easily. Because they can do it by themselves, they will get hustle on pumping.

【Product Features】
①With its short height design, kids can put their weight on the handle stably for easy and steady pumping.
②Its small pump head fits well in the small space of kid’s bike small wheels.
③The pump head is compatible with Shrader/Presta/Dunlop so you can have your kids pump up your tires too.
④It comes with the adapter for balls and floating tubes.

Min Height 100cm~
Dimension H400 x W240mm
Max Air Pressure 50psi/340Kpa
Hose Length 60cm
Cylinder Material Aluminum
Valve Shrader/Presta/Dunlop

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