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Pick the right size for your little ones.

When we buy clothing for kids, we tend to buy a little bigger size. But when it comes to bike, we strongly recommend you to choose the right size for them, especially for the very first bike, because it will make them feel more comfortable and confident on bikes. And it is much safer too. As a result, you will get to see them riding more and smiling bigger.

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What is the right size?

The age or body height mentioned in our sizing chart is just for your reference. Every kid is different so please do not judge your kids’ size only by the information in our chart. Instead, we recommend you to measure your kids’ inseam and pick the bike the lowest saddle height of which is lower than your kids’ inseam.

If your kids’ soles can touch the ground fully on both sides at the lowest saddle position, it will make them feel safe. But if the saddle height is too low like your kids’ knees can be bended a lot, that is also not comfortable for them. Actually, the bigger wheel size, the better stability so pick the biggest wheel size within the saddle height lower than their inseam.

How to measure the inseam.

Stand your kid in shoes and put his/her back against a wall. Open his/her legs a little and put something a bit thick like a book between legs as high as is comfortable. Then measure the length from the floor to top of it.

Sizing Chart

Wheel SizeAgeBody HeightLowest Saddle HeightHighest Saddle HeightBike Weight

*The bike weight above is with pedals, w/o training wheels

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