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About Us

About Us

Right size
Kids optimized spec
Let’s raise more bike kids!

We are riders, and parents. Because we needed proper bikes to share the joy of bike riding with our own kids, we started Yotsuba Cycle. We know what kids need to love riding and we know how to make them smile. Since 2016, we have been producing only bikes that we want our kids to ride.

Lightweight, right geometry and kids optimized spec are the key features of our bikes. These features help kids to be more comfortable and confident on bikes so they can improve their skills quicker. By learning how to pedal, exploring new paths, and trying bigger obstacles,,, each moment, you will see them growing up through riding.

Our mission is to create bikes that inspire kids to ride more and get as many kids on bikes as possible. Tested by kids, approved by parents, our bikes are ready for having fun. Let your little ones start exploring new worlds with Yotsuba Cycle now.

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